Connect an iPad or iPhone to Ethernet Easily ➶

Nice find when wifi is shoddy or non-existent.

All you need is: 1. Apple Lightning to USB 3 adapter 2. An iOS device running 9.3 or later 3. An Apple USB to Ethernet adapter 4. A Lightning Cable (For Charging) 5. A USB charger Since the USB to Ethernet adapter requires power it is necessary to use a power adapter otherwise you will get the dreaded “Not Enough Power” dialog box.

I wonder if using Apple’s new beefy USB-C to Lightning Cable + USB-C Power Adapter combo would work with this?

Armory Show 2016 Recap ➶

Video: Watch a smart artist & someone who pretends to know art recap #TheArmoryShow2016 in NYC

Apple Video Port Quick Reference Guide v1.1

Handy grid by Redactor Jowy via Mac Kung Fu.

Apple Video Ports v1.1

source: Imgur

NATO Phonetic Alphabet Also Sometimes Referred To As Alpha Bravo Charlie

NATO Phonetic Alphabet, also sometimes referred to as Alpha Bravo Charlie:

Letter: Code Word: Pronunciation:
A Alfa al-fah
B Bravo brah-voh
C Charlie char-lee
D Delta dell-tah
E Echo eck-oh
F Foxtrot foks-trot
G Golf golf
H Hotel hoh-tel
I India in-dee-ah
J Juliet jew-lee-ett
K Kilo key-loh
L Lima lee-mah
M Mike mike
N November no-vem-ber
O Oscar oss-cah
P Papa pah-pah
Q Quebec keh-beck
R Romeo row-me-oh
S Sierra see-air-rah
T Tango tang-go
U Uniform you-nee-form
W Whiskey wiss-key
V Victor vik-tah
X Xray ecks-ray
Y Yankee yang-key
Z Zulu zoo-loo

NATO Digits:

Number: Code Word: Pronunciation:
0 Zero Zee Row
1 One Wun
2 Two Too
3 Three Tree
4 Four Fow Er
5 Five Fife
6 Six Six
7 Seven Sev En
8 Eight Ait
9 Niner Nine Er


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